PYRLAND is registred trademark of PIRANUS PPHU. 
PIRANUS PPHU since 15 May 1998.

Business activity started as advertisement agency specilized at web desing, and we traded in art staff – sculptures and own photos. From begening we supplied photo service as well.
Many years we had supplied complex advertise services.

2001 – we opened internet shop PYRLAND

2004 – opened new digital printout office at Przybyszewskiego 39 Street, and in the same year we introduced Quality Managment System ISO9001-2000. Intoduction was co-financed by European Union – PHARE Found – program – Entrance to Quality. So we are able to offer one of the highest quality printing service.

August 2007 – introduced very high quality giclee printout service on wide format, pigment 12-color Canon IPF8000 printer. We use Hahnemuhle paper and canvas.

May 2012,. The internet shop PYRLAND had been closed.
Instead of it we have opened internet shop on eBay – temporary closed

1 August 2014 we closed office at Przybyszewskiego 39 street.
You are welcome to use our other services.

Call mobile: +48 601 75 16 85
or contact by email: